The Air Duct Sealing Process

Before Sealing Process

After Sealing Process

The Air Duct Liner / Sealing Process

Our patented processa is non-destructive and can be done while you are at home. We begin with a live video inspection of your entire system to diagnose the problems and determine the most effective approach for restoring your ducts. The restoration process usually takes less than a day to complete, saving you time and money. You can immediately begin enjoying the benefits of your newly restored ducts as soon as we are finished.

Our Product

Our coating has a high zinc content to prevent corrosion and mold. It is a proprietary material made up of more than 50% bonding agent, allowing it to adhere to surfaces making it air tight and resistant to water damage. It is also water based, making it environmentally friendly. This material has been rigorously tested for safety and exceeds all building codes.

Our Team

Each of our installers are trained, certified, and dedicated professionals who take pride in their work. Duct Armor (TM) is maintenance free and is backed by a 15 year warranty.