Jared C.

We had an excellent experience with Atlantic Duct Armor. When purchasing our house, our home inspector mentioned that we had classic sub-slab ductwork that looked to be in “OK” condition but likely was something we would want to replace or re-line. Replacing the ductwork was not on the table due to its cost and the mess it would involve. After doing my own research about Duct Armor (safety, efficacy, etc), we decided that this sounded like a good product to ensure our ductwork lasted many more years and provide us safe air to breath. Because there was no Duct Armor contractor in our area, I reached out to Jim (the owner of Atlantic Duct Armor) and worked with him. He was phenomenal to work with. Because of our distance, he worked with us to build a quote, using the dimensions of the house that I provided. His quote was spot on (which I appreciated). On the day of the encapsulation, Jim arrived on time and performed the work quickly, finishing up before he estimated (another thing I appreciated). Jim explained each and every step of the process and was more than happy to answer questions (yet another thing I appreciate in any contractor). The post-application experience was exactly as Jim had described – the house would have a latex small for several days, and it would fade within a week. The smell was strong when we first turned on AC back on, but within 24 hours it was much, much better. By the end of the first week we no longer smelled the product, and now nearly a month later it is as if nothing was ever applied…except for the fact that the ducts (seem) to provide much better airflow and, more importantly, seemingly ‘better’ air. We don’t have a musty smell coming from several ducts that had apparently had once filled with water before we bought the house and (combined with a duct cleaning before Atlantic Duct Armor applied Duct Armor) we seem to have much less dust/dirt floating in the air/coating surfaces. We’re very, very happy customers of Duct Armor Atlantic Duct Armor.