Jason S.

If you live on a slab and if you deal with water and outside material making their way into your vents, take down Atlantic Duct Armor’s # or email and contact Jim before another hard rain makes you wish you did earlier (and tell him Jason from Manalapan sent you).

I can’t do the Duct Armor system justice by attempting to describe how it works as it’s simply amazing and something I never heard of but the gist of it is it coats your slab vents with a material that is mold and mildew resistant so whatever little water does find its way in (as nothing is 100% flood/water proof) has nothing to seep into or grow on.

But don’t take my word for it…if you think you have moisture seepage or have a mildewey smell coming from your vents after a hard rain, have Jim come out with his vent cam and you’ll probably have all the proof you need (and then some).

Check out the Duct Armor process too on the web site.

*note: we found Atlantic Duct Armor while in emergency mode after finding 1/4 in water in our vents after a very hard rain. we literally did a search for ‘duct sealing’ or ‘duct protect’ and got in touch with Atlantic the next am.